Plantation Style Shutters

Traditional Plantation Shutters can be identified by their front facing tilt rods.  They typically have two panels (doors) on width openings of 36" or more and have a Center Divider Rail at the height of the window sash where the window locks are located.  With the Center Divider Rail, you will never see the window locks.  It allows you to toggle the louvers above the Center Divider Rail independent of the louvers below the Center Divider Rail. This shutter style is classic, timeless and will always be in style.  

Our shutters offer the following selections:

  • We use your EXACT paint color, or can match any stain color.

  • Your choice of one of our standard trims (if needed), or you can upgrade to one of our specialty trims.

  • Your choice of hinge color.

  • Can accommodate any shape, any size.

  • Fully Operable Arches.

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