Are Shutters Really That Expensive?


Are Plantation Shutters really that expensive?

We get this question all the time from our clients, and it is never an easy question to answer when it is not uncommon for a house full of shutters to cost more than $10,000. While shutters are the most expensive hard window covering, you do need to take into account other aspects of purchasing shutters.

While some claim that shutters are the only window treatment that truly adds value to your home, we don’t necessarily feel it increases the value of your home, but shutters can have an impact on how quickly you sell a house. However, you do have to look at the overall benefits of adding shutters to your home to see the real value.

  • Shutters pretty much last forever. No other window treatment comes close to the longevity of shutters.

  • Shutters never go out of style. Everyone loves shutters. All other window treatment styles come and go over time. That fabulous fabric you picked for your draperies was great at the time, but in 3, 5, 10 years, It will most likely be out of style. When selling a home, the buyer will most likely not have the same taste in draperies you have, or even want draperies for that matter. We are hired often to remove draperies and install shutters. You never hear a buyer walk in to a prospective property and say they love the Faux Wood Blinds, but everyone is excited when they see they have shutters.

  • It can be argued that custom shutters are the most energy efficient window treatment.

Basically, you can install custom shutters once and then you are done with covering your windows as opposed to needing to replace blinds periodically for breakage or warping or replacing outdated draperies or any fabric based window treatment for that matter. Those costs need to be considered in evaluating the true costs of draperies.

Bottom-line, you can never go wrong selecting shutters for your home.


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