Fifty Shades of White: And Beyond

The decision to purchase custom wood shutters is an investment in your home. So many shutter companies are out there claiming to make true custom designed and milled shutters, when in actuality, most are prefabricated overseas component shutters that are boxed shipped and then assembled here in the USA.


How can you be sure you are getting true custom shutters and not some lesser quality component shutter? One of the first questions you should ask is "what are my color choices"? If your designer or sales consultant pulls out a ring of three or four whites and eight to ten stain samples, chances are you are not being quoted on true custom shutters.

When White is Not White

At Seth & Sloan, Inc. our shutters in Montgomery Texas are custom milled from raw lumber and fabricated right here in Texas. We use your exact brand of paint and color and make sure the color is perfect right down to the finish. We often hear, “I just need white shutters”, but there are literally hundreds of colors of white these days.

With so many windows already being trimmed out and having substantial crown moulding, chair rail, and baseboards, having shutters in the exact paint as your trim really makes a difference. For example, if your trim paint is Sherwin Williams, Dover White, Semi-gloss, we use that exact paint on your plantation shutters.

The paint finish is also very important. Having a Satin trim with glossy shutters is not very attractive. With the seamless transition of using the same color, and expert caulking, it is nearly impossible to tell where your moulding ends and our shutters begin.

Our Stain Process

For our stained shutters, our designers can take a drawer, bookshelf or wood floor sample and have our factory do a custom stain match. This is very important because the bookshelves you may be trying to match are made from oak and the shutters are typically made from Bass Wood (we do have specialty/exotic woods as well), so using the same stain color on two different types of wood often produce different colors that do not match. At Seth & Sloan, Inc. we make sure your stained shutters are perfect and exceed your expectations.

Dream In Color

Want something unique or daring? We can fulfill your color dreams. We truly can do shutters in ANY color. Piano finish black high-gloss shutters in the music room to shutters in the perfect shade of green to frame your garden and bring the outdoors into your sun room. Our professional staff is ready to assist you with all your shutter needs.


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