Anatomy of a Shutter

All Seth and Sloan Inc. shutter orders are made, measured and installed by experienced carpenters who are trained at the factory, insuring a quality shutter with a professional fit and installation. Our shutters are carefully crafted using solid wood components. There are no finger joints or “glued parts”, all framing wood is milled by us in our facility. There are no component panels or stock sized parts. All work is done here in Houston by skilled craftsmen. We set the highest standards in the industry and handcraft true custom shutters to your exact specifications. 1 7/8, 2 1⁄2”, 3 1⁄2" and 4 1⁄2” louver sizes are available to choose from. By offering such a wide variety of louver sizes in either clear view or traditional style with tilt rods, Seth and Sloan, Inc. Shutters accentuate any decorating or design style, on any size window.

The highest quality kiln-dried basswood, is used on our wood shutters.


Basswood, a North American hardwood that comes from the Linden tree, resists warping and shrinking, and reduces the chance of sagging in large panels. Its uniform grain pattern provides a smooth, even stained appearance. Basswood from the Linden tree is smooth and strong. Compared to other hardwoods, basswood is light yet durable. Woodcarvers and artisans favor it for workability and its supple even grain, it was used to make ship's figureheads and cigar-store Indians. Today broom handles, beehive frames, piano sounding boards, certain parts of fine guitars, and of course our custom wood shutters are made from basswood. It is a renewable resource and grown in commercial hardwood forests from Quebec on south to Delaware, along the Atlantic coast, and towards the west to Eastern Kentucky. So, if your new home is built "green" or your family is "going green" our plantation shutters make perfect sense.

Nylon hinge pins are used to turn the louvers. Nylon eliminates the problem of shrinking, swelling, and wear with movement associated with using wood dowels on the louvers. This allows you to consistently move the louvers easily. The nylon pins also have a spacer, providing uniform clearance between louver and stile, and prevents wear with constant use. With nylon pins, operation is smooth and effortless. Over a period of time, the operating tension of the louvers has a tendency to loosen. The tension screw in the stile allows you to either tighten or loosen the louvers to customize the tension, for the life of the shutter. All adjoining panels are rabbeted. Rabbeting allows panels to overlap each other when closed in order to help prevent light gaps. Rabbeted stiles provide for increased privacy and gives our shutters a designer finished look.

Cabinetmaker joinery techniques use wood dowels to join the frame stiles to the top and bottom rails and our hinges are mortised. Doweling adds strength and durability to the panel, preventing sagging and separation. Mortise and dowel construction shutters are not screwed together, stapled, or nailed together. This assures the shutter will never fall out of square at the joints under its own weight. Mortising for hanging hinges allows for a custom fit within the window jamb. Mortising provides complete closure of the panel and prevents light gaps. (Mortising is not done on café doors and French doors).

The components for each shutter are cut piece by piece with precision technology and then assembled by hand. After assembly every part of the shutter is sanded and buffed also by hand and prepared for painting or stain finishing. Our state of the art dust and debris free finishing area of the factory is where paint or stain is expertly applied to our shutters much like in an automotive factory. The result is a piano quality finish that is easy to clean and maintain, lasting for many years to come. All shutters carry a limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and construction.

Thanks for reading!

For more information, or to schedule a free consultation, do not hesitate to contact us at 936-443-2467.


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