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About a month ago we received a call from a man we will call Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith was very upset because he stated his new shutters were just installed and we had told him that he would not lose the functionality of his new home’s tilt in windows if he purchased our plantation shutters. He began to explain quite irately that he could no longer tilt in his expensive tilt in windows. We looked at our installation schedule for the month and Mr. Smith was not on it.

As we began to probe our records we found that we personally had given Mr. Smith an in-home estimate and in our notes had indicated he did indeed have tilt in windows and would require a specialty master frame to accommodate in order to keep that functionality. We politely asked Mr. Smith who he purchased his shutters from because our records indicated that Seth & Sloan, Inc. had no purchase order for him. He reluctantly admitted he went with another shutter company because they were a few hundred dollars less than our quote. Then he asked if we could "fix" his shutters, and unfortunately the only way to do that was to reorder the entire house with the correct frame option.


Mr. Smith made an $8,000 mistake by assuming all shutter companies are the same and provide the same level of quality and service. At Seth & Sloan Inc. we pride ourselves on the level of education we give our clients prior to any purchase. We spend more time than our competitors making sure it is right the first time. Our mission is to provide the perfect shutter solution, the highest quality custom milled shutters, with no unfortunate surprises upon installation.

1. Schedule Your In-Home Consultation

Call 936-443-2467 to set your appointment with an experienced interior custom shutter professional who will come to your home and be there every step of the process from the initial consultation to final installation. Your professional will help you select the perfect custom wood shutters from a large sample with all the different louver sizes and styles that is placed directly in your window so you can see exactly how the different styles will actually look in your home.

A walk through of every window in your home will determine number of panels for each window, swing direction, split location, frame and hinge selection, and address any specialty issues such as maintaining tilt in window functioning or surface mounting when existing moulding frames the window.

Often overlooked issues such as gooseneck faucets in front of kitchen sink windows can affect shutter opening functionality; we have solutions for issues such as panel magnet mounting that will allow you to remove the panels for easy cleaning of your window.

With true custom shutters we can accommodate tile or granite insets in your windows as well as solutions for chair rail moulding that might interfere with lesser quality component shutter frames. We use your exact paint and formula and also provide custom stain matching.

2. Meet with your shutter professional and factory installer for Final Measurement

Once you receive your quote and decide to purchase custom shutters, your interior shutter professional will accompany a factory trained installer to take final architectural measurements for custom state of the art fabrication. At this time a detailed inspection of arches and specialty shaped windows will occur. Templates if necessary will be made and you will be informed of any potential issues such as out of square windows or uneven arches and what options are available to remedy or camouflage these situations. This level of detail and service is what sets Seth & Sloan, Inc. apart from other providers.

3. Initiate the fabrication process without leaving home.

A fifty percent deposit is required after the final measurement and your custom wood shutters are immediately put into production.

4. Installed by Professionals

When your plantation shutters are complete, your interior shutter installation professional will schedule your installation. Our team of craftsman installers will deliver your shutters to your home and your shutter professional will also be there to manage the installation from start to finish. A final inspection including operation, cleaning, and care information then occurs ensuring your complete satisfaction. Warranty information is also reviewed.

No Surprises!



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