From Russia With Love

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned in my lifetime came from a most unexpected source; an immigrant from the former Soviet Union who was a seamstress. Larissa was not our typical client. She did not live in an upper middle class or exclusive gated neighborhood. Her modest home was located in an older blue collar middle class neighborhood. The home’s exterior was solidly built and impeccably maintained. The interior was gorgeous, full of high quality drapery, furniture, appliances and fixtures. I was stunned and was probably very politically incorrect in asking her how she could afford such luxurious items. Her reply, in a thick Russian accent, "oh darling, only rich people can afford to buy cheap things". This statement confused me because I thought only rich people could afford expensive things like custom shutters. She saw my confusion and went on to explain... "Save for what you really want, buy quality, don't settle for a cheap imitation".


Her reasoning was that if you save up and buy what you really want, every time you look at it you will be pleased with your decision. If you settle for an item that is not of quality, every time you look and see imperfection or it breaks you will long for what you really wanted. Therefore, you are throwing your money away if you settle for frivolous cheaper items of lesser quality. "Only rich people have money to throw away on cheap items they don't really want, that is wasting money", she said. Larissa was absolutely correct.

At Seth & Sloan, Inc., your handcrafted wood shutters are custom made to your exact paint or stain color and window specifications. Expect the finest materials, handcrafted quality, and real wood in any size, any color, or any shape!

1 7/8", 2 1⁄2”, 3 1⁄2" and 4 1⁄2” louver sizes are available to choose from. By offering such a wide variety of louver sizes in either clear view or traditional plantation style with tilt rods, Seth & Sloan Shutters accentuate any decorating or design style, on any size window.

Seth & Sloan, Inc. shutters are available in 26 standard colors and stains. However, for the majority of our clients we use the exact paint brand, formulation, and color that their builder specified and used in their new home. This creates a precise color and paint gloss match to their actual trim and moulding.

To achieve the perfect stain match, the process is a little more involved. Various types of wood are used in cabinetry, furniture, trim, and crown moulding. You may be trying to stain match oak, walnut, maple, pine, or a variety of exotic woods and each individual type of wood may take the exact same stain brand and color differently, producing a great variation in color and depth depending on the type of wood. Our shutters are true custom, so we will actually borrow something like a cabinet drawer, bookshelf, or a scrap piece of your actual stained moulding. We then take it back to our workshop, where we apply different formulations of stains to a sample of the basswood we use in our shutters until we have a perfect match. We then submit the sample along with the borrowed item back to our client for final stain approval.

Windows today come in many shapes and dimensions, from walls built almost entirely of mitered glass to small circles, ovals, arches, triangle tops, and transoms. You have design flexibility in treating an arch window, or creating an arched look from a rectangular window.

If you have specialty windows, ask your designer questions about how the shutter will or won't be operable and if there are any other limitations. Always purchase custom specialty shaped shutters from a professional who can answer these difficult questions. The biggest shutter design disasters I've been called into fix happened because the client was not informed and educated about specialty shaped windows and the limitations of component shutters, as opposed to true custom shutters. Often the only remedy is to replace the designer’s mistake with a new shutter and the poor client eats the cost. I wish everyone knew Larissa and had her wisdom.

Thanks for your time, and as always, please contact us with your shutter needs.

Seth & Sloan, Inc.


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